"Jennifer Rain combines a fine and painterly discipline with a playful sense of people and landscape. She gets the air, the light, its plants, the eyes and ears. By turns magical, precise, global, and local, her ongoing work is a constant and exciting surprise."
Gary Snyder, poet

Long Ago But Not
So Far Away
New Moon Kuan Yin
Mac nab Cypress


"Jennifer’s best work is found in her bold new expression of the time honored tradition of plein-air painting. Her California landscapes—from northern mountains to scorching desert—can easily be traced to the Southern California impressionist style of the early 20th century. Comparisons with Franz Bischoff and William Wendt would not be too strong. Yet the beauty of these paintings comes from her very rootedness in her subject and her particular and deeply personal vision of her home environment, the mighty Sierra Nevada . These paintings simply dance with light and color."
Stefanie Freydont, owner and head designer of Extasia jewelry company


Blue Hole Diggins
Brown and Yellow
What Grows
In The Dark...

Can Bloom
At Night
"Jennifer Rain Crosby’s landscape paintings combine an intense familiarity with her place in the world, an understanding of the natural world she walks in, and a wonderful eye for light, shadow and color. A daily pause to look into one of her paintings helps me to reestablish my own sense of place and time."
Bruce Boyd, San Juan Ridge Architect
Black Oak Big Meadow Triptych

"I like Jennifer Rain’s art for several reasons:
As a community artist she draws from within a social context and tells stories that reveal relationships and dress and hairstyle. She has a knack for capturing the posture of children and the voice of women talking.
As a landscape painter she pulls the subtle color from the soil and trees and makes you look at brush and weeds from a fresh angle."

Robert Erickson, furniture maker, owner and designer of Erickson Woodworking
Big Diggins Bluff Diggins Manzanita     

"I have known and watched Jennifer Rain’s art developing over many years. Her focus is strong and cuts through to her subject. She knows how to use technique and colors to deepen her message, never for decoration. I own one of Rain’s paintings and I keep watching how this interesting painter keeps growing. She is one of those borne artists that know how to point to the source of radiance that is the constant potential in all of us. This artist is here to stay and earn herself a place in the known world of art."
Maya Hill, sculptor
Greenman Dreams
of Spring

"I wake every morning to Jennifer Rain’s “Rabbit Man,” who sits in the dappled light of a meadow with flowering redbuds and blue oaks. Through her art, Jennifer Rain creates magical worlds that thoroughly entice the viewer, certainly to view her vision and artistic talent, but also to step into the canvas. When she paints, I imagine her to be smiling mischievously, like wily coyote.
Whether she paints the Yuba River, a feather, the fairest lily, or a mosquito hatching in moonlight-her art is distinctive, captivating, skillfully crafted, and visually gratifying."
Tavia Cathcart, writer
Redbud Meadow

Mariposa Lily

Feather in
Madrone Duff








"Jennifer’s paintings are imaginative, expressive, psychedelic and timeless. She shares with us the rich and colorful magic of the places and beings she encounters in her creative experiences. Her landscapes are mesmerizing and bodies are beautifully flawless and hedonistic. We truly enjoy the paintings we purchased and expect them to appreciate with time as timeless art does."
Eric Beckwitt and Zhenya Beck
At The Edge
Prayer Meeting
Julie’s Blanket

“The use of contrasting colors, geometric shapes and brush strokes makes ‘Psychedelic Daydream’ stimulating to the senses. We never tire of looking at it.” (owner’s title: “Lesbian Interlude”)
Williams and Angelico
Tiger lily
“Jen’s art has always represented for me the huge connection that I feel for the place that I live in and the people that live here. Her pieces capture the essence of why I love this place.”
Wendy Guetebier-Hunter
Three Graces
Tiger lily Theo
In the Clouds
Place Between
The Worlds

Manzanita Blossom

30 Minute
Landscape Study

“Jennifer’s art blends the boundaries between reality and fantasy. She brings alive dreams, visions and chance, allowing you to see deeper into your own reality.”

“Her subject matter is always compelling, drawing you into her endlessly evolving vivid wonderland! It is a pleasure to have these paintings hanging in our home, reminding me always of an elemental life.”
Ruby Turple and Cedar Henning
High Sierra
Horned God
What Could I Wish For
When Wholeness Is Mine?

Big View

“Jennifer Crosby's art transports one to a different world, a different reality--yet ironically, has the effect of bringing fresh insights to our everyday thoughts and realities.  Her uncanny sense of character, feeling, movement, depth and color is unlike any other artist.  All this, plus the arresting qualities of elegance and grace and sometimes humor make her works truly awe-inspiring.  A touch of mystery enables her paintings to retain their freshness--one can live with them for years without ever tiring of them!”

Barbara Dean Schacker, artist




Compassion and
Deliverance –
Kuan Yin
The Sleeper
Must Awaken
Spring Green
Black Oak

Full Moon Kuan Yin

Dancing Through
the Moon


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