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Send inquires to:

jen@jenniferrain.com or
P.O.Box 444 North San Juan,
CA 95960
For a response via email allow 3 days, for US mail allow 3 weeks.

Paintings and sculptures are from Nevada City, CA and are insured for the value of the work. Any damages incurred during shipping should be addressed to the shipping service.

All sales are final. But if you ever want to sell any of my work from your collection, please contact me first.

Most paintings are unvarnished and unframed on hand stretched handmade frames. Oil paint takes 6 months to a full year to cure (dry completely) and should not be varnished before curing is complete. I prefer the look of unvarnished oil paint as varnishing changes the color of the oils. For the least amount of color change use a matte finish varnish. Some framing businesses will varnish finished works upon request. Framing a painting is a personal choice and is advisable to protect the painting.

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